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Professional Workshop Event Winnipeg

A Child’s Song is excited to extend our services to families and professionals in the Winnipeg area. While we have an extensive list of services that we are interested in offering, we want to hear from the community as we plan ahead. Our desire is to channel our expertise in the areas of adoption, permanency and foster care to specifically meet the needs of YOUR community. The forum will offer an opportunity for you to get to know what we have to offer and for us to hear directly from you what your service needs are.

Transitioning Children from Foster Care to Adoption: Best Practices
Transitioning a child from foster care to adoption is a complex process with significant implications for the
future development of the new parent-child relationships. Planning transitions based on current “best
practice” can be slow, confusing and at times discouraging for those involved. Participants will receive new
information that will assist them in understanding the needs of children and caregivers in the transition
process and a set of guiding principles to inform their decision making.

Managing Crisis Post-Placement: Recognizing Warning Signs and Responding Effectively
Crisis in a family, post-placement, can at times build slowly or seem to hit with no warning signs at all. It is
important to assess new formed families for indicators that the placement is in trouble and to continue
reinforcing conversations about permanency. Understanding the reactions of children to the process of
attachment, and what this feels like for adoptive parents, can have a significant impact on responsiveness to
serious challenges. This workshop will provide a framework for recognizing crisis indicators as well as effective
tools for responding to both parents and children, in the midst of crisis.


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