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Everyday Social Workers make decisions to protect the best interests of vulnerable and marginalized people across our communities. Social Workers advocate fiercely in a time where needs outweigh the resources and support available. They regularly witness the deep pain, fear, and sadness adults, children and youth experience when faced with incredible and unexpected losses and challenges with daily living.  Engaging with the complexity of family systems can be heavy, intense, and traumatic, leaving social workers feeling anxious and overwhelmed.  

Left unprocessed, a social worker’s consistent exposure to trauma leaves them with many of the same symptoms that their clients experience. This vicarious trauma response is often excused as burnout or simply tiredness associated with daily life which leaves the underlying root cause unresolved. Do you find yourself constantly battling mental and physical fatigue, having thoughts and images that won’t fade, feelings of overwhelming pressure and constant sleep disruptions due to the “racing” brain that just won’t turn off?

The therapists at A Child’s Song are familiar with the role of a social worker and the impact that vicarious or secondary trauma has on a professional’s work life balance, physical and mental health as well as personal relationships. Our therapists are trained to recognize the symptoms of vicarious trauma and not only help move caring professionals towards a place of healing through proven, effective trauma therapists but also provide tools that can be implemented preventatively to reduce the impact of daily exposure to trauma.

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