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A Child's Song offers a wide range of support services uniquely designed for families and professionals supporting children that have been impacted by trauma associated with attachment losses.
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What do we do?

A Child’s Song was developed to meet the needs of families struggling with unique parenting challenges. Given the right information, skills and strategies parents can provide the healing experiences their child needs to form strong family connections and develop optimally. A Child’s Song is committed to helping families acquire the tools they need become therapeutic parents.
Our team specializes in working with families who have been joined together through all different types of permanency and families who are supporting children in temporary placements. Our services also extend to those that serve these families such as social workers, therapists and community members as well as health and school professionals.
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What’s new and exciting

Adoptee Mentoring Weekend Event

Program Description

This weekend offers a rare opportunity for adoptees to connect and participate in activities together over three days with our mentor, Parker Johnson. Parker offers individual mentoring sessions for young people all year long and has identified the need for more community and connection between adoptees.

Ages: 14 to 17

Day 1 Friday, August 16th 5pm-8pm
Drop off Location: 2572 Quadra Street, Victoria, Saanich Core, BC V8T 4E2

Day 2 Saturday, August 17th 10am - 3pm
Drop off Location: 500 Admirals Road, Esquimalt, BC V9A2N4

Day 3 Sunday, August 18th 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Drop off Location: 733 Caleb Pike Rd, Victoria, BC V9B 6G5


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