Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the A Child's Song's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section where we provide comprehensive answers to common inquiries. You will find information that will give you a clear understanding of how we provide services for both families, individuals and professionals.

If you or your family has been impacted by adoption, foster care, or any other form of permanency (next of kin, grandparents raising grandchildren, temporary guardianship, step-parent adoption, etc.) our services will be a good fit for you. We specialize in providing the best care for children, youth (and their families) who have experience complex developmental trauma and attachment losses.

Some of our services are available immediately and others have a waitlist. If you are accessing a service without a waitlist, you will be able to book directly from our website or if you prefer, you are welcome to reach out to our office through Contact Us and we will walk you through the intake process and book your first appointment for you.

If you are accessing a waitlisted service the first step to be added to the waitlist is to reach out to our office by email, phone, or on our website through Contact Us. You will receive an email with detailed intake information and the appropriate intake forms. Once the intake for is COMPLETE and RETURNED, you will receive an email notification of your placement on the waitlist. Please note you are added to the waitlist on the date your completed forms are returned.

ACS has a firm cancellation policy requiring a minimum of 24 hours notice for appointments you are unable to attend. This policy is clearly outlined in our intake information and stated in appointment reminders. This policy is essential to sustainability of our small business so that we can continue to serve the families who need us.  

Any cancellations past the minimum 24-hour requirement are subject to 50 % of service fees. Cancellations with less than 2 hours notice are considered no show and billable at the full rate of service. If you find yourself having to pivot in the day to unexpected illness or circumstances, we offer a variety of options such as switching your appointment to online, transferring the appointment to a different family member or asking your therapist for a relevant letter or documentation that would be helpful.  

First, we invite you to join our mailing list as this is the best way to receive immediate access to any new resources, event announcements or service updates we make available to our community. We currently have a library of resources you can access here.  

Yes! We use an online platform through JANE App so we can connect with clients who wish to access their services virtually. For some families, a mixture of online and in person works best for their schedule. There may be some interventions that are difficult to deliver online. This is a conversation you can have with your therapist to determine what is the best fit for you.  

You will need to contact your extended health provider to determine what professional services are covered. Most health plans cover at least one of the following: clinical counselling, social work, or psychological services. We have professionals in each of these categories and will do our best to match you with the one best suited for your coverage.

Our parent coach is available to work exclusively with parents to understand their child’s behavior and make effective parenting plans to meet the unique needs of children who have experienced trauma and attachment losses. We encourage most families to start here as it will make your counselling experience much better. Once you are confident in your parenting plan, have built a strong connection with your child and understand their behaviors you will feel ready to support your child in processing their trauma.  Clinical counselling is necessary if you as a parent or individual are looking to process your own trauma, losses, or mental health concerns.  

All of our clinical counselling services are $150 plus GST per 50-minute session. 

Parent coaching services are $130 plus GST per 50-minute session. 

Services from our psychologist are $205 plus GST per 50-minute session.  

Mentoring services are $90 plus GST per 50-minute session.  

The Safe and Sound Protocol Intervention is $600.00 plus GST for the full package. 

Costs for workshops and trainings are variable based on location, content and time frame.  

If your agency, school, or community group would like to book a workshop with one of our presenters please reach out to the office through our Contact Us page and let us know who your audience is, what content you are hoping for and when you would like to host a workshop. You may want to visit our Workshops pages to discover the wide range of curriculum we offer. We typically offer a free 15 minute consult at the time of booking to discuss the specifics of your request and ensure the best possible experience for your audience.

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