Extended Family Meetings

When an adoptive family introduces the idea of adoption to their extended family there are often a lot of questions about what to expect. Extended family plays an important role in supporting adoptive parents particularly during the transition and early post placement stages. When extended family understands the unique joys and challenges of parenting through adoption they are able to better understand what their role is in the life of this new family member.

Extended Family Consultations provide an opportunity for new adoptive or prospective adoptive parents to gather their family together and discuss with an Adoption Consultant what adoption means to them. Family members can ask honest and direct questions about any concerns they may have. The consultant is able to offer information about how parenting through adoption may differ from parenting biological children. Discussion is facilitated about what roles the family members can play in supporting the parents in the early stages of building attachment. Feedback from family members has indicated that this is generally a positive and informative experience for everyone.

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