Transition And Post Placement

Adoption Transitioning Consultations

Transitioning a child from their foster home to their adoptive family can be challenging. An Adoption Consultant can support adoptive parents, social workers and foster parents to make a transition plan that will consider the child’s history, development and current needs. The consultant can attend transition planning meetings to help make decisions that follow the Guiding Principles for Adoption Transitions.

An Adoption Consultant understands the typical responses of children in transitions and can help the adults involved to respond effectively to any concerning behaviors or changes in the child. Having the support of an Adoption Consultant can neutralize situations where there are conflicting ideas about how to best support a child.

Post Adoption Parent Consultations

A Child’s Song offers parents the opportunity to discuss their concerns around behavior, attachment, trauma and family relationships. Adoptive parents soon realize they must parent differently than they expected, or have in the past, in order to respond to their child’s needs. It is often difficult to make decisions about how to respond to concerning behaviors and mixed signals they receive from their child who is struggling to attach.

Parents, with the support of an Adoption Consultant, are able to develop a parenting plan that takes into consideration the history and special needs of their child. As a result parents gain confidence in how to respond to difficult or concerning behaviors and strengthen the connection they have with their child. Parents report that they see results in the relationship they have with their child after a few initial consultations.

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