A Child's Song offers specialized counselling for children, youth, parents, family groups, adult adoptees and former youth in care as well as professionals. Every member of our team is trauma and attachment informed, adoption and foster care competent and equipped to support anyone in crisis.

Adoptive Family

Adoptive family counselling at A Child's Song emphasizes parent-child therapies, including Watch, Wait, Wonder and Child Parent Relationship Therapy, fostering enduring relationships through play-based interventions and structured sessions.

Foster Family

Foster parent counselling addresses the rewarding yet challenging aspects of fostering, emphasizing unconditional love, navigating challenging behaviors, and supporting parents in processing their own experiences for healthier caregiving.


Adolescent counselling at A Child's Song focuses on enhancing the youth's felt safety and attachment with a supportive figure, involving parents in proactive strategies for secure relationships.

Adult Adoptees

Counselling for adult adoptees addresses lifelong processing of adoption experiences, offering a safe space to navigate unexpected reactions, memories, and parenting considerations with adoption-competent therapists.

Group Counselling

Child Parent Relationship Therapy, a 10-session program, enhances parent-child bonds through structured playtimes, fostering empathy, self-esteem, and improved communication, with adaptability for adoptive families.

Social Workers

Everyday Social Workers make decisions to protect the best interests of vulnerable and marginalized people across our communities. Social Workers advocate fiercely in a time where needs outweigh the resources and support available. They regularly witness the deep pain, fear, and sadness adults, children and youth experience when faced with incredible and unexpected losses and […]
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