Making Sense of Sleep and Bedtime Struggles: Trauma & Attachment Informed Responses

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Is bedtime and getting to sleep at night a struggle in your home? Maybe you are getting up multiple times in the night with a dysregulated child or teen? This workshop will help you understand how early brain development in the context of chronic stress, neglect or abuse prepares children for the perceived risks involved with sleep. Shifting these patterns after a child or youth is in a stable and safe environment requires specific interventions so that sleep can begin to feel safe!

The focus of this workshop will be on making sense of your child’s nighttime and sleep related behaviors and learning strategies for shifting your child or teen towards more regulated bedtimes and healthy sleep routines. The companion guide will support you in developing your own parenting plan that takes into consideration your child’s early experiences and current struggles so that your approach is attuned, trauma informed and effective!

Mon-Sat 9am - 4pm
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