We are pleased to offer counselling for parents and adolescents with the same ideals that make our services at A Child’s Song unique and effective for families with children of all ages. Although we may from time to time see an adolescent for individual counselling, the primary goal is always to increase the youth’s sense of felt safety and security with an attachment figure. This may be the adolescents biological parent, adoptive parent, foster parent, trusted relative or mentor. It is so imperative that someone be available to witness the hard work a youth does during their counselling process and be available to them outside of session to offer experiences of co-regulation when the feelings get bigger than the capacity to tolerate.

At A Child’s Song we support parents in finding proactive and practical ways to build strong and secure relationships with youth. This comes through learning how to read their cues and interpret behaviors in the context of earlier, traumatic or upsetting experiences. Once parents can accurately empathize with their teen they can begin to work towards developing more effective communication patterns.

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