Adult Adoptees

Adoptees continue to process their experience of adoption across their lifespan. Sometimes a life change or a significant loss will trigger unexpected reactions, memories or ideas. It is important for adoptees of all ages to have a safe place to discuss their unique experiences with someone who understands. Our counsellors are adoption competent and understand the complexities of different family structures and how the adoptee is impacted by this at different times in their life. Our counsellors are also able support adoptees who wish to engage in trauma therapy to process their early memories. This is often a life changing experience to become fully aware of how early memories inform day to day life and to experience the changes that occur when they are processed.

When an adoptee becomes an adoptive parent, we encourage them to engage with one of our therapists to discuss how their own adoption experience might impact the way they parent their child. Being fully conscious of one’s own experiences of grief and loss are essential to being emotionally available to support a grieving child. This is important family work that will support both parent and child in building secure attachment.

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