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The RESPECT handout offers six strategies for maintaining a strong parent-teen relationship.

Staying Connected to Children with Trauma

Over many years of supporting families raising children with trauma, I have noticed some common themes in my conversations with parents. I thought it might be helpful to summarize them in a way that inspires you to try something new today.  Here are 5 Tips for Staying Connected.

Attachment Theory in Action (Andrea Chatwin Explores Sleep Related Issues in Children)

Mission for March: The Power of Attunement in Parent Child Relationships

This guide book will walk YOU through a 31 day challenge in the month of March to really notice your child's observable behaviors in a way that helps you become more familiar with the thoughts, feelings and needs the behavior is communicating. 

Parenting Children with Sleep Disruptions

What is Bedtime so Hard? This article that appeared in Fostering Families Today magazine March/April 2019 rethinks sleep issues with a trauma-informed approach.

Family Calm Down Handout

Foster family calmness with these diverse activities, from reading a book and taking a bath to drawing, using a fidget stress ball, and engaging in yoga stretches, emphasizing the importance of sharing calmness when little ones are overwhelmed by big emotions.

Quick Suggestions for Parenting in Biracial Homes

Dr. Lisa Gunderson provides concise suggestions, such as taking online classes, reading books by racialized authors, and attending events by minoritized groups; she recommends specific books and media, including a documentary on masculinity and related content on Netflix

Five Things Your Teacher Needs to Know about Attachment

Securely attached children are more confident and efficient learners because their minds are free from the primary task of attaching and able to focus on absorbing new concepts. Securely attached children are also better able to stay regulated in spite of the daily challenges they will encounter in a learning environment. Teachers can contribute to securing attachment in several ways.

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