For Early Childhood Educators

A Child’s Song is pleased to offer workshops specifically designed for early childhood educators who support preschoolers impacted by trauma and attachment losses.

The Power of Play: Relationships Between Play, Learning and Social Development

Research clearly indicates that children need opportunities to play, in many different ways, to facilitate crucial areas of brain development that will give them the necessary skills to succeed academically and socially.

This workshop looks at the different types of play that are important for children’s development and how play impacts overall development. Parents and child-care professionals will be supported to incorporate the essential forms of play into children’s day to day experiences. It will also address the importance an the how-to’s of child-led play within the parent-child relationship, child-caregiver relationship and with other important people in a child’s life.

Teaching the Hurt Child: Preschool

New research has demonstrated the impact that trauma and attachment has on behaviour, socialization and learning.

This workshop was designed by a therapist specializing in early childhood trauma and attachment and a special education teacher. The combination of these two areas of specialization has led to a dynamic and practical workshop.

Participants will leave with a new understanding of the impact of trauma and attachment losses on the developing brain. The workshop will cover a wide range of topics including:  the developing brain; how fear changes the way children think; the alarm state and hyper-arousal; new interpretations of attachment behaviours; helping children achieve self-regulation; how to build relationships with hurt children and how to set effective limits in a way that values connection.

Understanding and Supporting Toddlers with Anxiety

Children develop adaptive responses to manage their environment, and the way they feel about it. Often symptoms of anxiety become evident when children enter a childcare or preschool environment. The behaviors that result from their ‘big feelings’ can be difficult for caregivers to respond to effectively.

This workshop reviews the symptoms of anxiety in young children and the most effective responses for childcare providers.

Mon-Sat 9am - 4pm
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