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Birth Place Visit Consultations

Parents who have adopted children internationally often wish to travel with their child back to their country of origin. Research demonstrates that this has many positive outcomes for international adoptees.

In planning for a birth place visit parents often have questions about how to prepare their child for this monumental experience. Children will react differently to this type of experience based on their age at adoption, temperament, ongoing relationship with birth country, knowledge or contact with birth family and their general travelling experiences.

An Adoption Consultant can answer questions about how to support your child leading up to the birth place visit. The consultant can also support parents in preparing themselves for their own emotional reactions to the visit and to what they might see or experience. Parents who are well prepared can anticipate the reactions their children may have and respond effectively will both prior to and during the trip.

A Child’s Song offers opportunities for birth place visits through Home to Haiti for parents of Haitian born children.

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