Transitioning Children from Foster Care to Adoption: Role of a Foster Parent

Transitioning a child from foster care to adoption is a complex process with significant implications on the future development of the parent-child relationship. Supporting transitions for children in your care can be a confusing, and at times, discouraging process for caregivers.

The purpose of this presentation is to explore the needs of children transitioning from foster care to adoption, and then to provide guiding principles that support more effective, research-based ways to support the process.

Through the use of case studies, video clips, and visual representations, caregivers will develop a deeper understanding of children’s needs during transition, and what they can do to help. Guidelines for caregivers will be provided that can support decision-making and best practices during the process.

This workshop compliments Transitioning Children from Foster Care to Adoption: Best Practices for Professionals so that professionals and caregivers are working within the same framework using the same guidelines.

You may also be interested in our resource manual Transitioning Children from Foster Care to Adoption available for purchase from our online store.

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