Therapeutic Play to Strengthen Parent-Child Connection

Early child therapists theorized that playing with a child, in a non-directive way, would encourage a secure relationship between the parent and child, while providing the child freedom and room to express him/herself. In the context of non-directive play, children are free to express their innermost thoughts and feelings. A child’s behavior and self-expression within the play is determined by how the child feels, and what’s on their mind, which offers parents a window into the child’s inner world.

In these special playtimes parents can learn to build a different kind of relationship with their child – one where the child feels understood and accepted as they are. When children feel accepted and understood in this way, they often will play out their problems, and in the process, release tensions, feelings and problems.

This workshop will provide parents with the how-to’s of this special playtime, as well as address parental concerns regarding their child’s response to non-directive play and about the types of play their child may engage with, and the parent’s own reactions to those choices.

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