Raising Black Kids in Multiracial Families

This workshop offers practical information and strategies for parents who are navigating the complexities of being a multi-racial family in an interracial world. As adoptive parents, we are faced with the challenge of raising our black children in a society that forces them, and ourselves, to come face to face with what it means to be a Black youth. We encounter situations that cause us to feel outraged and yet often feel ill equipped to fully comprehend our child’s experience and respond with confidence to racism.

This workshop will introduce the Black Racial Identity Developmental Model, a helpful framework for viewing the racial struggles of our Black children, as well as examine some of the dominant stereotypes assigned to Black youth of today’s culture. Participants will then observe a discussion with adoptive parents, who have lived these experiences, and through the sharing of stories, the facilitator will demonstrate how this theory offers parents a practical framework for responding to the real life challenges.

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