Hurt Kids, Hurting Parents

Parenting a child who has experienced early trauma can be confusing, and often, very challenging. Parents may find themselves feeling manipulated, rejected or victimized by their child’s behavior and questioning their ability to respond effectively. When parents are triggered by their child’s behavior, they often find themselves responding in ways that are uncharacteristic – leaving everyone confused and emotionally charged.

This workshop will explore some common experiences of adoptive parents – such as vicarious trauma, secondary traumatic stress and post-adoption depression – in the context of how they impact the whole family. Parents will learn supportive strategies they can use immediately, as well as an understanding of more intensive therapies that have proven to be successful. Participants will also be given the opportunity to reflect on their own experiences and hear stories of other adoptive parents who have experienced healing and positive change. Parents will take away hope that healing is possible – no matter the circumstances.

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