Healthy Transitions for Adoptive Families

If you’re a prospective adoptive parent looking for practical strategies to ensure a successful transition for your whole family – this workshop is for you.

The focus of this workshop will be on families (local or international adoption) who are soon to be in transition – you have received a proposal for a child or sibling set, age birth to 12 years old, and placement/transition plans are underway.

Workshop topics include: managing challenging behaviours during transition, making decisions about contact with foster family or former caregivers, extended family roles, impact on other children in the home, responding to grief and loss symptoms, managing meals and bedtime routines, planning and scheduling activities, responding to daycare and school issues and coping with the stress of parenting without attachment.

You may also be interested in our resource manual Transitioning Children from Foster Care to Adoption available for purchase from our online store.

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