Rebecca Prathipati, MSc, RSW

Registered Social Worker and Counsellor

Rebecca is a Registered Social Worker who holds a Masters of Science with a specialization in the area of attachment across the lifespan. For the past 15 years Rebecca has worked within various systems focusing her expertise on child and adolescent mental health and attachment. Her experience has given her a vast appreciation for the resilience and healing that children experience in the context of secure relationships within the family and in the wider community. Rebecca received certificate training in play therapy through the Canadian Association of Play Therapy. Rebecca approaches therapy from the perspective that play is a developmentally appropriate and useful means for children to tell their story, retell it, gain mastery, and express feelings and needs.  The therapeutic playroom is a platform for parents to facilitate healthy attachment as they tune in and respond to their child’s needs and experiences.  Rebecca is passionate about helping parents and caregivers respond to children’s stress-based emotion and behavior with trauma-informed, trust-based strategies.

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