Andrea Chatwin, MA, CCC

Founder & Director

Andrea holds a master’s degree in Counselling Psychology and has extensive experience as an Early Childhood Mental Health Clinician. She specializes in therapeutic responding to attachment and trauma, particularly focusing on children and youth who have had caregiver losses and placement disruptions. Andrea has worked overseas in orphanages and studied the effects of abuse, neglect and developmental trauma on children of various ages. She is trained in many different therapeutic modalities including EMDR, Parent Child Relationship Therapy and Watch, Wait and Wonder Intervention.

Andrea is an adoptive parent of two teenagers and has therefore experienced firsthand the unique challenges of parenting through adoption. She founded A Child’s Song as a result of her passion for supporting adoptive, foster and all other permanent families in developing strong parent child connections. She is committed to providing adoptive parents the tools they need to be therapeutic parents.

Andrea is the author of two manuals Teaching the Hurt Child: Relationships Between Trauma, Attachment and Learning and Transitioning Children from Foster Care to Adoption as well as two children’s books, My baby brain is loud tonight and Mabel’s Moving. She is also a dynamic keynote speaker and workshop facilitator with extensive experience addressing a wide variety of audiences including parents, professionals and policy makers.

Mon-Sat 9am - 4pm
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