January 15, 2024

Help Your Child’s Nervous System Get Regulated: The Safe and Sound Protocol

Are you worried about your child or teen’s ability to engage with peers and have successful social experiences? Is it difficult to watch them struggle with anxiety, inattention, and emotional regulation?  

Big feelings that come with grief and loss can feel overwhelming for parents to manage on a day-to-day basis. It feels like regular life expectations are harder for kids when their bodies rarely settle into feeling good.  

You’ve probably tried all the regular strategies for helping your child to have better social skills, for staying regulated and managing the big feelings but nothing seems to get better. Nothing seems to stick and it’s frustrating.  

Even therapy can be hard for kids when their bodies and brains aren’t cooperating with each other. They struggle to pay attention and any mention of early life experiences or just having a big feeling can cause big upsets that are hard to come down from.  

Wouldn’t it be great if there was another option for children and youth that would address the impact trauma has had on their nervous system?  

We have one of those options available for families in BC, Alberta, and Winnipeg.  

Have you heard of The Safe and Sound Protocol by Dr. Stephen Porges? 

The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is a listening program specifically designed for children and youth struggling with:   

  • Social and emotional difficulties
  • Auditory sensitivities  
  • Anxiety and trauma related challenges  
  • Inattention  
  • Stressors that impact adversely on social engagement  

The Safe and Sound Protocol uses the power of music to help calm the nervous system. Through headphones the music sends messages that tell your child’s nervous system that they are well and safe. When they listen to this uniquely designed music, they begin to feel calm, relaxed and connected to others. The best part is that SSP doesn’t just work when you’re listening to the music, it helps to rebuild and strengthen your child or teen’s nervous system. Many therapists recommend that children who have severe dysregulation experience SSP before starting therapy so that their nervous system is ready to process the hard memories. 

A Child’s Song offers an online guided experience for you and your child or youth so that you can experience the benefits of The Safe and Sound Protocol from the comfort of your own home.  

If this sounds like something your child or youth would benefit from, we would be happy to walk you though the process. 

‘Cindy has been a real gift to our family. Her support as we navigated the SSP program has proved to be transformational for our family. There is a sense of regulation and calm in our house that we have never experienced before. Cindy has been a guide for navigating through the process and solution seeking through the unexpected.’ 

Parent of 5-year-old adoptee 

‘My daughter struggled with seer anxiety that restricted her from doing regular day to day things like ordering her own food at a restaurant, asking for help, or trying new things that she wasn’t sure she would be good at. After SSP she is so much more regulated. I watched her do math homework for the first time without getting really upset. What a relief.’ 

Parent of 12-year-old adoptee 
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