Trauma & Loss Workshops

Understanding Trauma and the Brain with the Experiential Brain Architecture Game

This workshop is an experiential activity that builds understanding of the powerful role of experiences on early brain development—what promotes it, what derails it, with what consequences for society. The goal is to build a brain that is as tall as possible, which represents functionality, and as sturdy as possible, which represents the ability to withstand stresses. Weights must be hung from the structure of the brain when life hands out stressors. Will the foundation withstand these weights, or will it collapse? Applications of this information to the development of trauma informed interventions will be discussed.

‘When Kids Don’t Have the Words’: Responding to Preverbal Trauma in Older Children

Children who experienced preverbal trauma and loss (ages of 0-3) carry these memories with them long after they find safety and security in permanent homes. Preverbal trauma is stored in the body and is easily triggered through senses like vision, touch, taste, smell as well as the auditory and motor systems. This workshop will provide a deeper understanding of how and why children’s preverbal trauma continues to impact important areas of their functioning. Participants will leave with a greater confidence in their ability to recognize and respond effectively when children are triggered. Current therapeutic interventions will also be explained.

Big Feelings, Little Bodies: Understanding Grief and Loss for Infants and Toddlers

Grief and loss for infants and toddlers is a lot like big feelings in little bodies that have limited options for expression. Children who experience loss during preverbal stages of development grieve deeply even though they are unable to talk about their experiences. We see this grief in the way they behave, the way they sleep and eat as well as how they relate to others. Our understanding of the impact of grief and loss on a child’s development informs how we need to respond. This workshop focuses on effective response from caregivers that help infants and toddlers regulate and process their experiences.

Mon-Sat 9am - 4pm
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