Placement Crisis Workshops

Managing Crisis Post-Placement: Recognizing Warning Signs and Responding Effectively

Crisis in a family, post-placement, can at times build slowly, with awareness of the increasing tension, while other times, can appear with what seems to be no warning signs at all. It is important to assess new formed families for indicators that the placement is in trouble and to continue reinforcing conversations about permanency. Understanding the reactions of children to the process of attachment, and what this feels like for adoptive parents, can have a significant impact on responsiveness to serious challenges. This workshop will provide a framework for recognizing crisis indicators as well as effective tools for responding to both parents and children, in the midst of crisis.

Crisis of Adoption Breakdown: Critical Needs of the Child in a Transition-Out Plan

When all resource and support options have been exhausted, and extenuating circumstances are leading to a placement breakdown, it is important for social workers to have a process they can follow that will allow them to support all parties. It is critical that a child’s grief is adequately acknowledged and that experiences of closure are provided for the child and caregivers. Participants of this workshop will be provided with guidelines that will help them support caregivers in providing responses to children that minimize long-term relational consequences for the child.

‘Please Move These Kids’: Responding to Foster Caregiver Crisis

Every social worker dreads the call from a caregiver in what appeared to be a stable placement indicating that they are in crisis. At this point foster parents are often indicating that they don’t know how to manage the child’s behaviour or are insistent the child be moved immediately. Managing this call with confidence and expertise has a significant impact on the outcome of these situations. Participants will be guided through a discussion on how to respond to the emotional experience of the caregiver, how to validate their concerns and engage them in a problem solving process that will improve outcomes for the child.

Mon-Sat 9am - 4pm
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