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Nanny Training Program

Program Development

When Andrea Chatwin visited Haiti in 2006, she saw that the emotional, relational and mental health needs of children in orphanages were not being met. Nannies hired by orphanage directors were inexperienced and untrained, working for low pay to feed their own children and often overwhelmed by their life circumstances. Andrea wanted to help orphanage directors and nannies improve these children’s social and emotional outcomes, and the Nanny Training Program as born. In February 2013 nannies from the Faith Hope Live Infant Rescue attended the inaugural course.

It was an enormous success and A Child’s Song is now pleased to offer this program to other Haitian orphanages.

About the Nanny Training Program

The Nanny Training Program is a three-day workshop for nannies employed by Haitian orphanages and orphanage directors. The curriculum includes video, pictures, interactive discussion, storytelling and movement.

Three Theories that Guide the Training

(borrowed with permission from Helen Lenga, MAPS, CCOUNP, Founder and Director of the GongShi Project)

  1. The past influences the present
  2. All behavior has meaning
  3. Relationship is the most important tool for a child to develop in a healthy way


  • Physical, emotional and psychological aspects of child development
  • Trauma and how it affects a child’s development and behavior
  • New ways of connecting with children to meet emotional and relational needs
  • Simple, effective and supportive strategies for managing behaviors
  • How play can change the outcome of children’s lives

Benefits to the children

  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Increased positive attention
  • Feeling valuable, nurtured and safe
  • Closer emotional bonds with caregivers
  • Encouragement to express their emotions and accept comfort and care
  • Increased confidence in caregiver relationships
  • More energy for growth and development

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The photos of the brain really explained what is happening in the child’s brain. The training was very important for us.” – Esther Sterling, Orphanage Nanny

I was thrilled to see an immediate difference in the way nannies responded to the children. I would love to see Andrea’s training expanded and repeated over and over. I even want it for myself.” -­ Dorothy Pearce, Orphanage Director

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