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Understanding the Grief and Loss of Adoption

Whether adopted at birth or at an older age, from foster care or internationally, the loss of parents, extended family and culture is trauma that impacts a child’s development in profound and lasting ways. Over the past few years there has been an amplification of the adoptee voice and what we are hearing loud and clear is that adoption influences the way people see themselves, the way they relate others and their worldview. Recognizing and having a deep respect for the grief and loss inherent in adoption is the most important first step in developing the skills to parent in a connected and therapeutic way.

In celebration of Adoption Awareness Month, A Child’s Song is offering this FREE workshop for adoptive parents, foster parents, adoption professionals and anyone wishing to understand the grief and loss that is inherent in adoption.

This workshop will explore the impact of early loss and separation on a child’s development and look at how children process grief differently than adults. Participants will learn to identify and respond to a child’s grief in a way that promotes healing and secure attachment. Even more importantly, participants will learn how to come alongside an adoptee and sit with the discomfort of not being able to ‘fix’ or compensate for the loss of a parents, biological family or culture.

We are honored to join you on your learning journey and our hope is that this workshop will offer both important insights and practical strategies.

FREE Zoom workshop Thursday November 26/20 from 7-8pm (CST) presented by Andrea Dixon.

Register by email to and a confirmation along with the Zoom link will be sent to you.

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