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This is Table Talk for BIPOC Boys

This is Table Talk 

Nov 2-30 Monday evenings 7:00-8:30 pm

This event includes 5 sessions of 90 minute conversational opportunities for BIPOC boys to connect with other youth of color, mentors and POC leaders in the community. They will be empowered and encouraged to share experiences, tell stories and above all, experience coregulation.

‘During this pandemic, feelings of isolation, confusion, anger, grief, and lack of social engagement, can heighten pre-existing anxieties. Community is everything. For folks of color, and adoptees, it is important that we have opportunities to connect, experience joy and laughter, and hear collectively. This is an incredible opportunity to gather together young people of color within our communities that want to share stories and experiences with other peers. ‘ Parker Johnson

Sessions will be hosted online and facilitated by, “This is Table Talk” organizers Vishnu Punwani, and Parker Johnson. They will provide a safe space for discussion, share resources for youth and offer a supportive outlet for hard experiences.

‘This is a very confusing time in general with a global pandemic and a re-emergence of the civil rights movement. Young people are very impressionable at this time in their lives. All the negativity that is happening out in the world right now and then having social media constantly showing that can take a toll. We are creating a safe space for kids to come and just talk which I believe will be a good change of pace.’ Vishnu Punwani

*Maximum of 8 participants (Grades 6-9)

Meet the Facilitator’s

Parker Johnson I am a 28 yr old African American adoptee. I studied Psychology and minored in education. I have 6+ years of Youth Support Worker experience, primarily in group homes with at risk indigenous and POC youth. With Vishnu we run a conversational community platform dedicated to Black, Indigenous and People of colour. We create a space for important discussions to be had. Moments to come together and coregulate as well as network. I also do diversity, equity and inclusion consulting within the public and private sectors.

Vishnu Punwani I am 25 years old and a graduate from the University of Victoria with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology as well as a Minor degree in Education. I am biracial. On my mother side I am Jamaican and on my father’s side I am East Indian. I truly believe that This is Table Talk is a great way to bring children of colour together especially living in such a predominantly non-ethnic city. Personally, I struggled growing up trying to find individuals that could relate to me and share in my experiences.

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